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When mining, many times the Herkimer crystals are still attached to the host rock. They would be damaged if removed, so it's much better to enjoy them as the beautiful crystal matrix specimens they are. For sale on this page are Herkimer Diamonds still attached to their host rock of dolostone matrix. They are exclusive specimens for any crystal or mineral collector.

Dolostone, also referred to as dolomite, is the host rock, or matrix, Herkimer Diamonds are found in. It was formed when the calcite limestone bedrock altered beneath the sea 500 million years ago. Over time, pockets or vugs' formed in the dolostone and the rare quartz crystals grew inside. Dolomite also formed crystals call dog's tooth crystals. Found on some of the matrix specimens for sale, look for small, flat crystals colored whitish to tan to almost pink in the images.

Additionally, many of these vugs' are coated in a micro or sugary crystal, referred to as druse, druze, or 'drusy crystals'. These are tiny crystals that sparkle brilliantly. While it's difficult to get a good image of them, view them through a loop if you have the opportunity. A specimen of just druse is a unique display piece on its own. Used as a 'shelf', they can make a special platform to display one of your favorite mineral specimens.

Herkimer Diamond specimens are not graded, prices are reflective to the quality of the crystals on a particular piece. Please rely on the description notes as well as the images. Note that both inches and mm are used in measurement descriptions.

We are happy to now offer larger matrix specimens for sale. Due to the weight and size of these Herkimer specimens, additional shipping rates apply.
All larger and heavy matrix are shipped USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail; this is 1-3 day shipping and includes insurance.
The Priority Shipping rate will be noted on specimens that require it. Shipping will be added when you click "Add to Cart" button versus at the end of check out. End of check out shipping will show $0 shipping.

Crystals can be ordered via Paypal (credit card) or email (money order). To order with Paypal, simply click the "Add to Cart" button. To order by email, see the Order Information page.

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Herkimer quartz on dolomite.
Click image for details
Herkimer Quartz on Dolomite
Length of specimen: 5" /12.5 cm
Width of specimen: 3" / 7.5 cm
Notes: Dolomite crystals as well as several Herkimer crystals are featured.
$ 65.00 + $13.45 USPS Priority Shipping = $78.45 total

Mini Herkimer Diamond Collector Specimens
Click above for details
Three Mini Herkimer Diamond Specimens
Length of specimens: 14-23 mm
Width of specimens: 8-21 mm
Notes: All are quality pieces, the images represent them well.

Herkimer Quartz Crystal Specimen
Click picture for details
Herkimer Quartz Crystal Specimen
Length of specimen: 2" / 5 cm
Width of specimen: 2" / 5 cm
Notes: Water clear crystals and dark druse.

Herkimer Diamond in Dolomite Matrix
Click image for details

Herkimer Diamond in Dolomite Matrix
Length of specimen: 2.75"
Width of specimen: 2.5"
Notes: A fat quartz point with smaller ones.

Herkimer Quartz Druse Specimen

Click image for details

Herkimer Quartz Druse Specimen
Length of specimen: 36 mm
Width of specimen: 33 mm
Notes: The images really capture this sweet piece.

Herkimer Diamond Collector Specimens.
Click above for details
Two Herkimer Diamond Collector Specimens
Length of specimen: 32.5 & 37.5 mm
Width of specimen: 21 & 22 mm
Notes: With their own personalities they would be a great addition to any quartz crystal collection.

Double terminated Herkimer crystal specimen.

Click above for details

Double Terminated Herkimer Crystal Specimen
Length of specimen: 23.5 mm
Width of specimen: 14 mm
Notes: The Herkimer Diamond is larger than the crust of dolomite it's attached to.

Herkimer Vug in Dolomite Matrix
Click photograph for detail

Herkimer Vug in Dolomite Matrix
Length of specimen: 4.5" / 11.5 cm
Width of specimen: 3.75" / 9.5 cm
Notes: A great starter specimen, much more dramatic than the images show.
$35.00 + $13.45 USPS Priority Mail = $ 48.45 total

Pictures of Herkimer crystals on druse matrix.
Click image for details

Herkimer Crystals on Druse Matrix
Length of specimen: 2.75" / 7 cm
Width of specimen: 2" / 5 cm
Notes: Many pictures of this specimen that can also be used as a shelf for one of your favorite stones.

Herkimer Diamond Specimen
Click image for details
Herkimer Diamond Specimen
Length of specimen: 5.5" / 14 cm
Width of specimen: 4.25" / 10.25 cm
Notes: A solid hunk of dolomite matrix filled with pockets of surprises!
$79.00 + $ 13.45 Med. USPS Priority Mail = $ 92.45 total

Herkimer Diamonds on Dolomite Matrix Specimen
Click photograph for details

Herkimer Diamond Matrix Specimen
Length of specimen: 3"
Width of specimen: 3"
Notes: Two double terminated quartz crystals in a druse pocket.
$35.00 + $12.65 Med. Priority Shipping

Large Herkimer Quartz Crystal Matrix Specimen
Click picture for details

Large Herkimer Quartz Crystal Specimen
Length of specimen: 7.5 inches
Width of specimen: 4 inches
Notes: Over a dozen Herkimer Diamonds in a druse filled pocket.
$87.00 + $12.65 Med. Priority Shipping = $99.65 total

Images of Herkimer crystals on dolomite host rock.
Click image for details
Herkimer Crystals on Dolomite Host Rock
Length of specimen: 4 inches
Width of specimen: 2 inches
Notes: Nice images of this pretty specimen.
$55.00 + 12.65 Med. Priority Shipping = $67.65 total

Images of druse crystals on dolomite rock.
Click above for details
Two Druse on Dolomite Rock Specimens
Length of specimen: 2.25 & 3 inches
Width of specimen: 2 & 2.5 inches
Notes: Two very different dolomite rock specimens.
SALE 25% Off $37.00 NOW $27.75
+ $12.65 Med. Priority Shipping = $40.40 total

Herkimers in Dolostone Matrix
Click picture for details
Herkimer's in Dolostone Matrix
Length of specimen: 7 inches
Width of specimen: 4 inches
Notes: Tightly packed vug of 5 beautiful crystals.
$67.00 + $16.85 Large Priority Shipping = $85.85 total

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