Herkimer Diamond


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Bright Herkimer with a rich hue.

More images below


Atypical B Grade Herkimer Quartz Crystal

Length: 44 mm
Width: 30.5 mm
Depth: 26.4 mm
Weight: 210 ct. / 42 g

This huge Herkimer Diamond has so much going for it!
First thing noticed (after it's impressive size : ) is it's smoky look. While not quite as dark as some of the images show, it has a very rich hue.
A large bridge crystal is seen as well. Jutting from one of the side facets, most of it is internal and clearly seen (4th image below). The bridge crystal is double terminated, and tip to tip is well over 20 mm.
As with any of our B grade Herkimers, it's double terminated. One tip is clean and sharp, the other is complete, but a touch blemished. This in no way deters from the overall look. The natural 28 facets are clean and smooth.
Internally, a large, mirror-like inclusion is present. From some angles it looks like a deeply healer fracture; a benefit to anyone looking to use it for metaphysical purposes. A rich color veil strikes here. Rainbows also glitter near the bridge crystal. Rainbows are tough to photograph. They are sort of captured in the 8th and final images below. In bright light, it's a Herkimer Diamond full of color.
Overall clarity is very good for a Herk of this size with other clear inclusions. So interesting to look at.
Also of interest to those into the metaphysical properties is the fact this Herkimer Diamond was charged during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Sunlight is used to charge and cleanse Herkimer quartz. And, Herkimers, in general, are believed to amplify the energy of most metaphysical pursuits. So, on August 21, 2017, we hung outside with our crystals and neighbors from 1-5 pm. I believe they enjoyed it as much as us : ) The images below don't do justice to the way that tray glowed in the light.
Finally, and it's such a shame I have to mention it, this Herkimer crystal has some reconstruction. A small circular piece of the crystal came off and was glued into place. Some Herks have bubbles of fluid in them. When they are near the surface, it can 'pop' a circular piece of the facet, leaving a small divot. Luckily we were able to reconstruct it. It can be seen in the final image below.
The images of this huge Atypical B grade Herkimer Diamond represent it well. It feels as great to hold as it is to look at !

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More images of this huge Herkimer Diamond
Tray of Herkimer Diamonds during the solar ecplise, 2017.

Crystal absorbing the light of the 2017 solar ecplise.

Richard watching 2017 solar eclipse.

Well over 2 inches, a large double terminated quartz crystal.

Ruler in background measures huge size.

Clarity is very good for such a large crystal.

Rainbow captured in image.

Penny in background for size comparison.

Image of sharp termination point.

Image shows reconstrucet spot on the huge Herkimer Diamond.



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