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Consider a gift of Herkimer Diamond jewelry for your April birthdays!  Herkimer Diamonds are a unique, ethical and affordable alternative to the traditional April birthstone.

Herkimer Diamonds make interesting and unusual jewelry. A pendant or earrings with these bright and reflective crystals really catch the eye. Whether worn with blue jeans or formal black, the diamonds are at home.
All jewelry on this page features raw or natural Herkimer Diamond crystals. We also offer machine faceted Herkimer crystal jewelry.

Natural Herkimer Jewelry is created with raw Herkimer Diamonds. These crystals have not been touched by any type of lapidary machinery, including polishing. They are an impressive feat of nature and could be considered April's natural birthstone. Much of our natural jewelry is wire wrapped using Sterling Silver wire. The raw crystals make fashionable earrings, pendants and charms.
Other pieces include pendants filled with small gemstones floating freely in cages or small glass vials.
Custom pendants, charms and earrings can be created from most any of the AA-D grade natural Herkimer Diamonds for sale on the web site. Just email us your request.
If the piece you are purchasing is for a gift, please let us know. We will include a gift bag and tissue for easy gifting !

Natural Herkimer Diamond Jewelry:


Pendants / Necklaces -

Crystals can be ordered via Paypal (credit card) or email (money order). To order with Paypal, simply click the "Add to Cart" button. To order by email, see the Order Information page.

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Spectacular Herkimer Diamond Pendand
Click photograph for details

Spectacular Herkimer Diamond Pendant
Length:  25 mm
Width:  20 mm
Notes: Large, round and water clear!
$ 225.00

Raw Herkimer Crystal Necklace
Click photograph for details
Raw Herkimer Crystal Necklace
Length:17 mm 
Width: 12.75 
Notes: Water clear and double terminated; the perfect April birthstone gift!
$ 62.00

Herkimer Diamond Pendant or Pendulum
Click photograph for details
Herkimer Diamond Pendant or Pendulum
Length: 26.5 mm
Width: 18.5 mm
Notes: Beautiful & Quality !
$ 180.00

Raw Herkimer Diamond Necklace
Click photograph for details

Raw Herkimer Diamond Necklace
Length: 19 mm
Width: 12 mm
Weight: 15.5 ct.
Notes: Clear, sparkly quartz crystal wrapped in fine Sterling wire and hangs from a black choker wire. 
$ 57.00

Diamonds in a glass genie vial
Click photograph for details

Diamonds in a Glass Genie Bottle
Size of crystals: 3-5 mm
Size of charm: 1 inch 
Notes: The 22" Silver chain slips easily over your head.
$ 25.00

AA Grade Herkimer Diamonds in a Glass Vial
Click photograph for details

Herkimer Diamond Crystals in a Glass Vial
Size of crystal: mm
Size of charm: 16 mm / 1" 
Notes: Perfect AA grade Herks!
SALE 40% Off
US$ 62.00 NOW $37.20

April Natural Gemstones in a Genie Bottle

Click above for details

April's Other Birthstones in a Genie Bottle
Size of crystals: 3-4 mm
Size of charm: 24x15 mm
Notes: Nine (9) tiny Herkimer Diamonds move freely in a glass charm necklace.
SALE 25% Off
US$ 25.00 NOW $18.75

Herkimer Quartz Crystal Genie Charm Necklace
Click image for details

Herkimer Quartz Crystal Necklace
Size of crystals: 4-6 mm
Size of charm: 25x15 mm
Notes: Small clear double terminated Herkimer Diamonds in a glass genie bottle.

Clear dt quartz crystals in glass charm necklace
Click image for details
Double Terminated Quartz Crystals in a Glass Charm Necklace
Size of crystals: 5-9 mm
Size of charm: 30x12 mm
Notes: The clear Herkimer Diamonds have sharp terminations.

Herkimer crystal charm necklace
Click image for details

Whimsical Herkimer Crystal Charm Necklace
Size of crystal: 10-12 mm
Size of charm: 16 mm
Notes: Three AA grade natural Herks moves freely in the silver cage.

Herkimer Diamond Crystals Cage Pendant
Click pic for deets

Herkimer Diamond Crystals Cage Pendant
Size of crystals: 7-8 mm
Size of charm: 16 mm
Notes: Three clear and double terminated quartz crystals in a whimsical necklace.

Ajpril's Natural Birthstone, Herkimer Diamond Earrings
Click picture for details
Herkimer Diamond Dangle Earrings
Size of crystals: 13.5x9.5 mm
Length of earrings: 1.5" 
Notes: These leverback earrings with heart accents are a great April birthday gift. Herkimer Diamonds make an unusual alternative to the traditional April birthstone!
$ 52.00

Natural Herkimer Crystal Earrings
Click photograph for details

Natural Herkimer Crystal Earrings
Size of crystals: 13.5 & 14.5  mm
Length of dangle: 1.5" 
Notes: Beautiful clear gemstones dangle from Sterling French wires.
$ 68.00

Raw Herkimer Gemstone Earrings
Click image for details
Raw Herkimer Gemstone Earrings
Size of crystals: 11.5x9 mm
Length of Dangle: 1.5" 
Notes: Water clear with 18 natural facets and double terms.
$ 52.00

Raw Herkimer Diamond Earrings
Click photograph for details

Herkimer Diamond Earrings
Size of crystals: 15x9.5 mm
Length of earrings: 1.75"
Notes: Quality Herkimer Diamonds wrapped in .999 Sterling Silver.
$ 99.00

Natural double terminated quartz crystal earrings.
Click above for details
Natural Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Earrings
Length: 10 mm
Width: 7-5 & 8 mm
Weight: 5 ct. total
Notes: Each Herkimer Diamond is water clear with a sweet round shape.
SALE 40% Off
US$ 49.00 NOW $29.40

Herkimer Diamond Ankle Bracelet, Anklet
Click photograph for details

Herkimer Diamond Crystal Ankle Bracelet
Length: 16 mm
Width: 13 mm
Weight: 9 ct.
Notes: Anklet chain is 9"
$ 55.00

Herkimer Diamond Hair Stick or Kanzashi
Click image for details

Herkimer Diamond Hair Stick / Kanzashi
Size of crystal: 17x14.5 mm
Size of stick: 6" / 15.5 cm
Notes: Perfect to hold a messy or polished bun !
SALE 25% Off
US$ 52.00 NOW $31.20

Herkimer Crystal Bookmark Plant Char
Click image for details

Herkimer Crystal Bookmark or Plant Charm
Notes: A 5" hook bookmark with nine A grade Herkimer Diamonds dangle from a glass vial.
SALE 25% Off
US$ 32.50 NOW $24.38