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Atypical Herkimer Diamonds


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The pictures of Herkimer Diamonds you will find on this page are atypical, or unique. They may be larger in size or so unusual that they cannot be classified on the AA to D grade specimen pages. Unusual quartz crystals would include clusters, manifestation, scepters, enhydro, phantom and other attributes.
Atypical Herkimer Diamond specimens are always highly prized by quartz crystal collectors.

Crystals can be ordered via Paypal (credit card) or email (money order). To order with Paypal, simply click the "Add to Cart" button. To order by email, see the Order Information page.

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Large Herkimer Crystal Speicmen
Click photograph for details
Large Atypical B Grade Herkimer Crystal Specimen
Length: 50 mm
Width: 34.5 mm
Weight: 225 ct. / 45 g                         
Notes: This fascinating Herk comes with a loupe and in it's own display case. 
$ 185.00

Large smoky metaphysical Herkimer Diamond
Click photograph for details
Large Atypical C Grade Herkimer Diamond
Length: 55 mm
Width: 28 mm
Weight: 210 ct. / 42
Notes: Attn. crystal healers, this may be the one!
$ 67.00

Images of a smoky Herkimer Diamond crystal
Click photograph for details
Two Atypical C Grade Herkimer Diamond Crystals
Length: 15-16 mm
Width: 9-9.5 mm
Weight: 11.8 total ct.
Notes: One is a smoky, both have the unusual elongated shape.
$ 37.00

Large Clear Herkimer Diamond with Hopper Crystal
Click photograph for details
Large Clear Atypical B Grade Herkimer Diamond
Length: 27.5 mm
Width: 22 mm
Weight: 46.5 ct.
Notes: Hopper crystal with a bridge more than 99% internal.  A loupe is included to really enjoy! 
$ 155.00

Smoky Herkimer Diamond Clusters
Click photograph for details

Atypical C Grade Herkimer Diamond Smoky Clusters
Length: 12.5-16.5 mm
Width: 10-11 mm
Weight: 12.4 ct. total
Notes: Rich dark hue; loupe included.
$ 33.00

Large Herkimer and dolomite crystal specimen
Click photograph for details
Large Unusual Herkimer & Dolomite Crystal Specimen
Length: 4.5 inches 
Width: 5 inches 
Weight: Almost 3 lbs. 
Notes: A large Herkimer Diamond nestles in a vug of well formed dog's tooth crystals.
$ 175.00

Pictures of a Herkimer Diamond specimen
Click photograph for details
Atypical B Grade Herkimer Diamond Specimen
Length: 23.5 mm
Width: 17.5 mm
Weight: 28.8 ct. / 5.7 g
Notes: Many pictures of these 2 crystals that fit together like a puzzle : ) 
SALE 50% Off
$ 115.00 NOW $57.50

Atypical A grade quartz hopper crystal.
Click photograph for details
Atypical A Grade Quartz Hopper Crystal
Length: 17.5 mm
Width: 11.25 mm
Weight: 7.58 ct. / 1.5 g
Notes: A Herkimer Diamond with two terminations and excellent clarity.
SALE 40% Off
$ 95.00 NOW $57.00

Quality Herkimer Diamond Crystal Specimens
Click above for details
Two (2) Quality Herkimer Diamond Crystal Specimens
Length of specimens: 5-6.5 inches
Width of specimens: 3.5-6 inches
Notes: Each matrix piece holds AA grade Herks. A loupe is include for fun !
$215.00 + $15.05 Priority Shipping